You're Wrong (Mylisz się!) — piosenka wycofana z odcinka „Lato to wrażeń moc”, śpiewana przez Buforda. Nie została przetłumaczona na język polski.

Tekst Edytuj

You're wrong
You're completely wrong
I'm telling you in this song
You're completely wrong
You're wrong, you're wrong, you're wrong

Don't forget, you're weak, I'm strong
And I got my bully on
You're completely, you're completely wrong

I'm right
I'm completely right
Though it might sound trite
You're goin' down tonight, tonight, tonight

'Cause when that sun goes down
You're gonna look like a clown
Like I said all along
You're completely wrong

You're wrong
You're completely wrong
You're completely wrong
You're completely wrong

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